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What Are You Thankful For?

It’s almost Thanksgiving! So – do you have plans? I hope you have connected with friends or family and will share a delicious meal and give thanks. If you haven’t yet made that connection, it’s not too late. If you don’t want to be alone on Thanksgiving, reach out to someone else who is alone, and create your own feast. Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. It just about being together. There’s no specific politics or religion attached. It’s the only holiday that is centered around one idea – that we are blessed. That we have much to be thankful
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Holiday Gifts For The Single Woman

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us. That time of year when everyone gets festive, children’s eyes light up, stores get insane, and parking is impossible. The stress seems to increase every year. Andy Williams tells us “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Put on your smile, everyone. Now pose for the family picture! For a single woman, while it can be a special time with family and friends, it can also be one of the loneliest times of the year. Your TV shows couples snuggling, curling up under plaid blankets, snow falling lightly outside, lighting candles,
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