Key 1: Notice What You're Attracting

You’re always attracting, whether you like it or not. You can’t turn it off. So, the question is, WHAT are you attracting?

7Keys-attractingEverything you are attracting is a mirror of what is going on within you. When you’re not aware how you’re attracting what you already have, such as men who won’t commit, dysfunction, drama, or even silence, you are truly helpless in changing it. Then you’re left asking yourself questions like – “Why are all the good men already taken?” or “Why do I only attract emotionally unavailable men?” or even “What is wrong with me?”

These questions cause you to doubt yourself. From that place of doubt, it’s easy to settle for ‘the guy who comes along’ because you don’t think it’s possible for you to attract a really great man. You end up blaming circumstances, society, fate or just men in general.

Then you wait… and wait…and wait for the miracle that never happens. This leaves you single, frustrated and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you…

When you become aware of how you are creating the results you have in your life, you start seeing the choices that are available to you.

You start to make positive changes in your life that attract more of what you want. The change is in your control. Those changes happen within YOU, not out there in the world around you.

When you identify what you want in a partner, this gives you a guide for what you want to develop and change within yourself. For example: If you want a partner who is faithful, practice being faithful to yourself and others. If you want a partner who is emotionally available, do the work to make yourself emotionally available. If you want a partner who treats you with respect, begin treating yourself and others with the same respect you would like to receive.

When you begin making these changes for yourself, you will start seeing changes in what you are attracting. You will be living a more fulfilling life and your confidence will grow. You will attract men who match more closely what you truly want. This is the starting point to creating the long, happy, fulfilling relationship with the man you have been looking for.

The following keys are the ‘Attraction Factors’ that will completely change what shows up in your life…

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