Key 4: Be Your Own Best Lover

How you treat yourself sets the example for how others will treat you.

7keys-loverWhen we abuse ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically, we unconsciously tell the world that this is the proper way to treat us. Our inner conversation will attract someone who agrees with it. Like it or not, when you have a negative perception of yourself, others are going to treat you with negativity.

When we decide that we truly are valuable, and choose to focus on everything we love about ourselves we start treating ourselves with love and respect. This teaches others that this is how we are to be treated and loved.

And it attracts people who will treat us this way.

My friend buys herself a bouquet of flowers every week. Every time she looks at them it fills her heart with joy knowing that she loved herself enough to do this, and knowing that she is practicing for the partner who is coming to her.

My client took herself on an exotic vacation. At the beach, she ceremonially released and forgave her ex-fiance who had hurt her so deeply. Then she recited vows to herself to love and cherish her own heart for the rest of her life, and to never settle for a man who does not love and cherish her heart in the same way.

Our inner conversation will attract someone who agrees with it. And as a bonus, when we become our own best lover, we’re no longer desperate or needy, we can take our time and be choosy in a relationship because we enjoy our own company.

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"Thank you so very much Fawn. The guidance and truths you have given me have helped me feel brave enough to no longer be satisfied with living in a very small world and losing out on life because of fear. I am so grateful to have found out the ways to open to love-both giving and receiving. I am thankful for your helping me dig deep to cultivate the person I want to be and reinforcing my inner strength to be selective to true love rather than selecting the same relationships absent of integrity and the ingredients I have concocted for my One. I have always appreciated your knowing when I needed your gentle touch and times when I needed direct firm approach! I know I’ve not yet arrived, but you turned me around!"

"After hearing Fawn talk about her life and how things had changed, what she said really resonated with me and I was like, “Yep, that’s me. Yep, that’s me. That’s me.” So she knew what she needed to do to get out of this, maybe she can help me. The best thing that I got out of it, was my self-worth was raised. I didn’t realize that in other areas of my life, not just my dating life, I didn’t value myself enough. "