Key 3: Embrace Empowering Beliefs

You must determine “What do I want?” vs. “What do people want of me?”

BelieveWe ALL have the critical thoughts, or an inner “Gremlin” inside us. But we have the power to choose which of those thoughts we will believe. Once a thought becomes a belief, it determines our emotions. Our emotions then drive our choices. And our choices determine our life.

Change your thoughts – change your life.

The chatter in our heads never stops. EVER.

Most of us go about our daily lives unaware of the conversations that are running through our minds. This chatter is made up of judgments, fears, doubts, triggers of all kinds. It affects our focus when we’re doing homework or a business project. It affects how we feel about ourselves and others when we’re at a party. It affects how we show up on a date. It affects our decision to say yes to a big hairy, scary opportunity that could change our lives.

Our gremlin is there to keep us feeling good, looking good, being right, and being in control. But it also judges us and others. It tells us we’re not worthy. It tells us we don’t deserve to be loved. It tells us we’re too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, we’re too smart, too stupid, too rich, or too poor to be loved. It tells us to play it safe, be small, and sell our souls just to feel secure. But when we take charge of our gremlin and of our thoughts, we can redesign our thinking.

When we bring this chatter into the light and challenge the assumptions behind it, we can change those assumptions and align them with more empowering beliefs. Beliefs that are TRUE. Creating a practice of owning our thoughts, choosing a lifestyle of gratitude that rigorously holds to what is true and good, makes us more positive, hopeful, successful people.

A client of mine has realized that her mother’s voice inside her head has kept her feeling small and insignificant and powerless. Once she realized that that was just a voice, an uninvited guest in her brain, she began to take charge and exercise her rightful authority over her own thoughts. As she began to practice stepping into her own power, everything began to change in her world. Her confidence began to sore, her relationships with co-workers got healthier, more productive, and more fun, her family relationships are getting better, and I can see that in no time, she’s becoming more visible to the good men around her.

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"In my previous work with a "Dating Coach", my focus was on the external
result. Get a date - have a relationship. When it didn't happen, I felt a
sense of failure and shame.

So when my work with Fawn began, I was convinced that no one could ever be
interested in having a relationship with me. Fawn's approach was process
oriented where the work was internal and caused major shifts in how I
viewed myself.

Fawn has given me real results. I feel "loveable"! I'm clear about what I'm
looking for in a relationship, and I won't 'settle'. That's huge for me."

"Fawn's class has been challenging for me emotionally, really soul searching. I was able to let things go from past relationships, it’s like a weight off my heart."