Key 6: Connect With Your Infinite Value

No one can take away or diminish your true value. A relationship adds value to your life, but it cannot add value to YOU. You are already infinitely valuable.

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Your ideal relationship requires you to live with your truth. When we ignore our core beliefs, or discount them, we tend to fall into despair. We can start seeing the world as hostile. We forget to be grateful and we think we are in this all alone without any support from the Universe.

This despair feeds our hopelessness about relationships – which then becomes self-fulfilling. We can also get into relationships that violate our core values – where our deepest beliefs are not honored by the other. If we don’t own and express what we truly believe in the early parts of a relationship, we may end up in a relationship that has no room for those values when we need to bring them forth.

When we connect to a power that is greater than us, we discover we are not alone at all. You can call that power God, or the Universe, or whatever it is for you. I believe you were created for a purpose, and your worth is beyond comprehension. When we can embrace this at a very deep level, we

can tap into a deep knowing that we are always going to be OK and that we are loved. From that source we can love others.

This deep core faith can give us courage to take risks, to step into our lives with a new confidence. It can teach us to love, to be grateful, and to ask for what we need. We can connect to a power that is greater than our little limitations, and we begin to believe in miracles. This brings us a deep joy – regardless of our circumstances – and we can afford to be generous and kind.

Fawn’s Story:

For many years, I went through relationship after relationship trying to find that person who would “complete” me, provide that missing piece that would make my life whole. I was of course continually disappointed – and I broke a lot of hearts along the way.

Only when I surrendered my need for someone to fulfill me, did my pattern begin to change. When I began to own my own happiness, when I released others from that responsibility, that’s when I began to see how valuable I really was, how much love I truly had to give, and the thought of making Steve the happiest guy on the planet began to sound like a really cool idea.

That’s when I fell in love. I KNEW he could not complete me. He could not fulfill me. We weren’t “soul-mates” from birth or some past life. No. We just loved each other. We chose to love each other. It’s as simple and profound as that.

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"In my previous work with a "Dating Coach", my focus was on the external
result. Get a date - have a relationship. When it didn't happen, I felt a
sense of failure and shame.

So when my work with Fawn began, I was convinced that no one could ever be
interested in having a relationship with me. Fawn's approach was process
oriented where the work was internal and caused major shifts in how I
viewed myself.

Fawn has given me real results. I feel "loveable"! I'm clear about what I'm
looking for in a relationship, and I won't 'settle'. That's huge for me."

"Fawn's class has been challenging for me emotionally, really soul searching. I was able to let things go from past relationships, it’s like a weight off my heart."