Key 2: Live Your Core Values

You can’t find the guy if you don’t find yourself first.

7keys-valuingYour core values hold the keys to your fulfillment in a relationship and in life. They represent what’s most important to you. They’re part of the fabric of who you are at your best and they need no justification or explanation.

When you ignore your core values, you feel disconnected, insecure, unsettled and indecisive. Ignoring them causes you to make choices based on fear and desperation that lead to devastating consequences. When you settle for relationships, careers and living situations where your core values are not being honored, you’re left frustrated with the results and wondering why you just cannot find fulfillment.

However, when you stop and take the time to honor those core values, your life begins to magically transform. You feel fulfilled, connected and vibrant with life. It gets easier to make great decisions because you know who you are and what matters most to you. Your confidence soars and you’re less likely to settle for less than you truly desire.

For example. My client loved to fly small airplanes. Being in the air gave her a sense of freedom and fulfillment. But she was neglecting this hobby because A) she was working such long hours at her job and B) she was waiting to find a man to share it with. She also had some fears around her need to prove herself to her father and gain his approval, a fear which stifled everything she wanted to do. Through our work together, she released her dad, gained confidence, advanced in her career to the point that she now had more time (and more money) to pursue her passion for flying. She gained the courage to just go for it as a single woman. Guess what happened next. She met a wonderful man out on the tarmac, as they tied down their planes together. Things are going very well and she’s very happy.

When you make honoring your core values your priority, you bring life, color and beauty into all your relationships. You bring joy and fulfillment to those around you because your own unique personality comes fourth and shines with confidence and passion.



I was just reflecting on how far I have come and how fantastic my relationship is and I felt like I should share this with you.


Troy and I have been officially dating for over a year now after a year-long friendship. We are in love and so happy. He is respectful and kind and funny and loving…self-reflective and a fantastic communicator … and my best friend.


And I feel the same about him.


My friends and family all adore him with no reservations. Finally! I hear things like “I can see how much that man loves you”, “Wow, I’m so excited watching this relationship develop”, “You really deserve this Natalie” and “Does Troy have a brother?”


I have no nagging doubts. There is nothing to complain to my friends about. No misgivings I’m trying to ignore or behaviors I am hoping will change. So much of this is due to you as my self-worth has sky rocketed since our work together. I know what I want and deserve and am not going to settle any more.


I deserve a relationship like this.


And he deserves me. In the long run I see us getting married (omg! something I swore I would never do) and I have shared with him my intentions. I told this man I want to marry him!!! I would have never had the courage to so blatantly say that before. However, I also know that now is not quite the right time and we are enjoying every moment as our relationship grows.


Fawn, I did not believe relationships like this really existed. I feel like I’ve found my soulmate. Thank you for your guidance on this wonderful journey. Love to you Fawn!!”

-Natalie Tyler


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"Before working with Fawn, I was very unhappy and the future looked pretty dim. I was feeling unfulfilled and unloved. Now I know myself and I like myself. I'm a happier person, living in the present, and looking forward to a love-filled future. Fawn has guided me in my discovery of my values and who I am.."

"You speak with such quality. That quality is evident in everything you do. There is a deep reservoir supporting everything you say and do. You run deep."