Key 5: Hold a Powerful Relationship Vision

A clear vision puts attraction into motion. Our commitment to a vision aligns the universe to make it happen.

7keys-visionUnless you’ve consciously created your vision for an ideal relationship, your vision for what’s possible for you in a relationship is formed from the examples in your early life. It’s operating in the background of your mind as an unquestioned truth.

It’s an “autopilot” system that works every day to create relationships in your life.

Statistics show that people who grow up with abuse, are more likely to abuse others, or to marry abusers. The same is true for all types of relationship dysfunction.

When you don’t see yourself as valuable or worthy of a great relationship, you avoid healthy relationships because you don’t think you’re worthy of them.

My client had a long series of relationships that ended badly. In our work together, she realized that she had been settling for relationships that weren’t that serious. Her boyfriends didn’t really take her seriously. She would soon get bored with them and break it off. After realizing that deep down SHE wasn’t taking her own future seriously, she shifted her focus on the future family she wanted to create. She soon attracted a man who shared her vision for a family. Today she is married and they have welcomed their first child into their little family. She’s very happy.

When we choose our own ‘Ideal Relationship Vision’ and step into that vision we begin to feel worthy of the love we desire.

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"I have worked with Fawn for a year now and my only regret with working with
her is that I didn't start sooner. The work I have done over the course of
the year has radically changed my beliefs and the way I experience each of
my relationships and life. Fawn is very patient with her clients and helps
me see things from a different perspective altogether. She always goes
above and beyond to ensure that I will get the maximum out of my coaching
sessions. I have worked on many different things with Fawn through this
year and am extremely grateful that I met her. I cannot imagine going
through the ups and downs of relationships without the work that she has me
do. I look forward to working with Fawn for many more years. This has
been the absolute best investment I have made in myself and I encourage
everyone to do the same!"

I want to thank you for the session.... Throughout the day your words come
to mind and make sense....I think the timing of our conversation was
perfect and potent because of the work I have done up to this point and
your love and gentle guidance. Thank you many times over....