Key 7: Be Emotionally Available

All emotions run through the same channel. Opening to all emotions opens you to love.

Red-Haired Woman LaughingExperiencing the love you want requires your heart to be emotionally open. Many of us have grown up being told to stop crying, be nice, say you’re sorry, smile.

No matter how you felt, you were taught to choose the emotions that keep other people comfortable. As a culture, we’re uncomfortable with certain emotions. Most of us learned as children to shut down our most important emotions and keep them inside.

When our emotions are not expressed in a healthy way, they find unhealthy ways to be expressed, like disease, depression, addictions, and all sorts of “disorders”.

Of course, they also affect our relationships.

We may project unprocessed anger onto our partner – punishing the wrong person! Or we direct it at ourselves, with mental, emotional, or even physical abuse of ourselves. We shut down parts of our heart and put up a do-not-enter sign.

This place in our own hearts, where we are afraid to go, becomes a place that no-one else can go either. It blocks intimacy and connection. We can’t connect to our partner fully, and neither of us is quite sure why.

When we open our whole heart to courageously be with every part of ourselves, love floods our hearts and our lives.

We create a space within ourselves where connection can happen and we can boldly allow another person to truly see us and love us. We become confident, whole, passionate and fearless. This gives us a greater capacity for intimacy and connection. We create a safe place for another person to be seen and to be vulnerable. This is a key practice for sustaining a life-long love affair.

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"I'm feeling soooooooo much better!!!! I feel free and open! I owe a debt of gratitude to you. Our work together was a big help in me getting my joy and happiness back. I'm at a point where I don't mind waiting and I'm excited about what's next. I have a lot more clarity and I no longer feel the need to settle for what I know isn't good for me."

"In my previous work with a "Dating Coach", my focus was on the external
result. Get a date - have a relationship. When it didn't happen, I felt a
sense of failure and shame.

So when my work with Fawn began, I was convinced that no one could ever be
interested in having a relationship with me. Fawn's approach was process
oriented where the work was internal and caused major shifts in how I
viewed myself.

Fawn has given me real results. I feel "loveable"! I'm clear about what I'm
looking for in a relationship, and I won't 'settle'. That's huge for me."