Celebrate with me!


I’m celebrating today! Please celebrate with me!

One of my former clients has finally found love with a man who matches her values, respects, and loves her.

This was not an easy journey for her. She had some major obstacles to overcome, both internal and external.

But she had the courage to say YES to the journey, to stay with it when it got tough, and to hold on to hope that as she cleared away those obstacles, one by one, love would find its way to her.

And it did.

Woo Hoo!!

Last week, I received this very sweet letter from her. 

“Dear Fawn,
I really want to THANK YOU…for equipping me to be prepared ….for authentic love and connection with a man who TICKS ALL THE BOXES!!
He needed someone who could stand on their own two feet.
I am prepared and the love is mutual and beautiful, respectful and authentic.
Thank you for being so strong with me.”

Are you at the point where you think this could be impossible? Believe me, if you knew this woman’s story, you might think it was impossible for her as well. But it’s not. Not if you have the courage and faith to say yes to your heart, yes to love, yes to the journey. Even if you don’t yet know how to get there.

One thing I’ve learned in my own life and in the work I’ve done with hundreds of women is that you can’t get yourself out of a situation with the same thinking that got you into it.

Are you ready to change your thinking?

I’m making some time available on my calendar this week and next to do a few FREE Break Through Into Love consultations.

This consultation is for you if you are fed up with the same o’ same o’ relationships (or lack of), and you are ready to say yes to love, yes to hope, and yes to receiving the guidance and support of someone who has been there and knows the way through.

IF you have had enough of hitting the wall in your relationships, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to finally experience true love, then I want to talk to you.

This consultation is a powerful conversation that, by itself, can change your life. You’ll get crystal clear about the relationship you long to create, and the obstacles that are keeping that relationship away. You’ll leave the conversation knowing exactly what to do next to bring that relationship from a dream into reality.

Click here to schedule yours. I’ll send you a few questions to make sure you’re a good candidate for this call.

Whatever you do, do NOT give up on love. My client almost did, but I’m so glad she stayed strong. I hope you will too!

With Love,


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