Impossible Love: A Single-Mom’s Story

Dear Beautiful Powerful Single Professional Woman,

I have some wonderful news to share with you. My client is engaged! I’m celebrating, popping the Champagne, and doing the happy dance. She asked me not to share her engagement picture with you, but I have it posted on my bulletin board above my desk. The joy on both their faces is palpable.

My dear client’s journey has not been easy. When she came to me her self-worth was very low. She was tired of being tired. For seven years she had been in separation limbo between marriage and divorce, was raising two teenage boys without any help from their father. She was shamed by some of her family, was facing financial challenges, was in a career that sapped her energy, and had a needy unstable man making demands on her. She was living in deep survival mode just working to make ends meet and support her children. She felt depressed and hopeless. She was sure no-one really understood her. In spite of having great friends around her, she felt very alone, and thought she’d be alone the rest of her life.

But she had some very important things going for her. She had a strong personal faith, undying love for her children who were in the challenging teenage phase, a client who loved her enough to point her to me, and the willingness to say yes.

Step by step, inch by inch, she reclaimed her value as a woman. She released the guilt, shame, and resentment that had kept her paralyzed. Through profound doubts, temptation to give up, and bouts of depression, she kept going. One foot in front of the other.

As she says,

“Fawn’s counsel was deeper and more thorough than any I have ever had, and I have had lots of counsel, but this was the best. It was personal, non-judgmental, safe and empowering. She challenged me where I needed it, she listened when I needed it. she gave me confidence to believe I can do this, with or without any man, and it is the most empowered place to be: knowing I can survive.

“She helped me realize the truth, that to have a healthy relationship with anyone else first we need to love ourselves.

She helped me to believe I can do this.”

Eventually, she emerged from this process, a strong independent woman, respected by her children, her family, and her community. She pursued a more energizing and fulfilling career and built deep friendships with people who shared her values. She got her finances in order, and grew into mental, emotional, and physical health and fulfillment.

And, of course, before long she met a man who was everything she had dared to dream of. He loves her, respects her, and adores her. He‘s authentic and secure. They share the same values, and all their children are happy for them both.

And last week he popped the question and she said yes!

She’s soooo happy. The whole community is celebrating.

And I’m celebrating. I fall in love with all my clients. And it brings me the greatest joy and fulfillment when I see them realize their dreams. This makes it all worthwhile.

If you can relate to my client’s story and are ready to say YES! Then I want to talk to you. Let’s start that journey together. I can’t promise that it will be easy. But I can promise that it may be the most rewarding journey you have ever taken.

Ready to take the plunge?

Click HERE to apply for a complimentary one-hour Break Through Into Love Consultation with me and let’s find out if the Break Through Into Love journey is your next best step.





P.S. As I was preparing to share this Love Letter to you, my client asked me to share this one very important note. I’ll let her say it in her own words:

“Fawn…. just a quick note…. somehow can you include that even if they don’t meet a man, they will still feel amazing and healed and alive without the man, and this will probably attract the man.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

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