My Valentine to You

heart-315456_1280If your childhood was anything like mine, February 14th was utterly and absolutely fun. It was a day filled with little cards in crisp white envelopes, cupcakes with a decadent amount of frosting and those tiny heart-shaped candies, the ones with the words, “Love You,” “Hugs” and “Be Mine” on top.

As a child, Valentine’s Day had something for everyone. Mom. Dad. Siblings. Teacher. The classroom. Even that freckled-face boy who teased you way too much because (yeah) he kind-of, sort-of liked you.

But we are no longer children, are we?

Alas. No. We have grown up and life looks different now. We’ve experienced our share of hurt, disappointment and betrayal and we now approach relationships with reasonable, well-advised caution.

If we are honest, we may find it hard to believe that love, the real deal, is possible. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, you might find yourself saying a big, yawning “Whatever.”

Oh how I understand. Enough already with the hearts and flowers and jewelry and perfume ads. Oh yes, it’s Single’s Appreciation Day. Does that term feel a bit condescending to you? It does to me, but maybe that’s just my mood.

So, how to get through this day? Here are three things I want you to do today.

  1. Realize that LOVE, real love, is all around you. It’s relentless. And unwavering. And outrageously audacious. And we are swimming in it (although sometimes shouting, “Marco!” waiting for the “Polo”). From the beauty of each sunrise to the kindness of strangers, everything (and I mean everything) has been created in and for the beautiful purpose of love. So OPEN your heart. Even if you don’t right now have that one true love, open wide your heart to embrace and receive the enormous love that is this life on this planet. You are here for a reason, and you are loved – oh so deeply. Just look at all the little gifts that are all around you. Look for them. They are everywhere.
  2. Be an amazing LOVER to yourself today. Yep. LOVE yourself the way you long for a man to love you. Buy yourself flowers, go to the spa, take a hike in a beautiful location, play your favorite music, put on your best dress and make your favorite dinner. And by all means, turn off that negative chatterbox in your head, if only for today. Give her the day off so you can allow your thoughts to be only what is consistent with love: thankfulness, beauty, kindness, acknowledgement, expansion, growth.
  3. LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself. From the abundance of #1 and #2, go and GIVE love to everyone you meet. Your neighbor means the person nearest to you. Even the one who annoys the hell out of you. Send them love and compassion. If it’s appropriate, offer them a smile and a kind word. Call a friend and instead of bitching about life, spend some time listening to their heart and sharing yours. In other words CREATE your own celebration of love.

Why do all this? It feels so idealistic and naïve. Fawn, you’re silly to ask me to do this.

Maybe you’re right. But this one thing I do know. As you expand your capacity to receive love from the Universe, to deeply love yourself, and to be gracious and loving toward others, your light shines brighter. Your eyes begin to glow. Your mind clears. Your heart expands. And you become the woman who brings love into the room rather than the one grasping for it.

The good news is that A) You’ll be happier and more fulfilled, B) You’ll achieve more success in all areas of your life, C) You’ll be immensely more attractive to the people who are around you (particularly strong, conscious men).

How brash love is. In the face of everything that is ugly, unloving and downright evil, love calls us back to the place of childlike hope and trust. It gives us the guts to put fear, that life-sucking fiend, back in its corner. Love elevates us to be more than we ever thought possible, all the while empowering us to let go of our independence, self-sufficiency and holding others in our debt.

Dear one, you are more than just some email address on my list. Truth is that this is my life’s work. I think about the women in my growing sphere of relationships all the time. I ache with you particularly on Valentine’s Day because I remember how difficult this day used to be for me. And I do my happy dance for you when you see how much you are worthy to be loved.

If you are ready to claim your value and invest in yourself to bring about real and lasting love, I’m ready to listen and support you. Apply for your Break Through Into Love Consultation with me. Together we’ll get you on the path to attracting the love of your life.

Wishing you a truly happy Valentine’s Day filled with love,


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